Robin is a software platform used to reserve lab space in the Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS) and the Hurd Lab.

Administrative Office

Academic IT


Accessing Robin First Time Users Guide:

  1. Access Robin and click on the button that says, “Continue with Single Sign On.”
  2. Accept Private Policy and set email preferences
  3. Set your office location
    • Your view will default to the office location that you set
    • The room for your location will appear each time you go to schedule a meeting room
  4. To view a room, select Schedule and then Meeting Rooms
    • If you see a lock symbol next to the rooms, it means you do not have access to book the spaces. You will need to reach out to the owner of the space to grant you access
    • Note: If you are were an eRap user for CCMS or Hurd Lab, your access has been granted ahead of logging in
  5. Once access is granted  to specified location, you can follow the Booking a Meeting Room in Robin User Guide for next steps

Booking a Meeting Room in Robin Users Guide:

  1. Access Robin and click on the button that says, “Continue with Single Sign On.”
  2. Once logged on, to Book a meeting room, click on Schedule and click Meeting Rooms
    • The following screen will allow you to select the date range and go to the date for which you are looking too book
    • You can select your building to find your room
      • Note: CCMS rooms are in 3 buildings, CCMS Annenberg, CCMS Icahn and CCMS Hess. Hurd Lab is its own building
    • Select the meeting room you want to book in and toggle your mouse into the time you want to book the space and double click
  3. Create your meeting room booking by completing all necessary details and click Book Now
  4. When your room is booked you will see it on the Meeting Room Schedule
  5. To cancel your reservation
    • Double click on the reservation
    • Cancel on the following screen by clicking the […] in the top right corner
    • Robin will then prompt you to confirm your cancelation/reservation deletion

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