AI Ready Mount Sinai


HPI·MS is leading the development of a cloud-based, multi-modal health data platform named “AI-Ready Mount Sinai” (AIR.MS). This platform aims to link patient data generated from different clinical departments across the Mount Sinai Health System, which are currently heavily siloed and often hard to access.

By creating an innovative environment in which highly skilled data scientists can access clinical data such as EHR, imaging, -omics, and sensor data, AIR.MS is facilitating easy access to a revolutionary unified data source that will accelerate the advancement of health-care-driven, AI-based solutions.

This platform is equipped with state-of-the-art computational frameworks and architectures to enable rapid scientific discovery alongside translational applications into real-world clinical settings. Facilitating multi-modal data access within a large academic medical institution such as Mount Sinai is an enormous challenge but promises to greatly accelerate the application of clinical data in developing the next generation of health care systems.


Artificial Intelligence and Human Health


AIR.MS SharePoint is available to all Mount Sinai School and Hospital users. To obtain access, please click here:




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