Mandatory for All Research

  • CITI Program Training – Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (FCOIR)
  • CITI Program Training – New Employee Initial Training
  • CITI Program Training –Core Training Requirements
    • Biosafety Course Overview
    • Risk Management: Work Practices
    • Risk Management: Personal Protective Equipment
    • Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management
    • Hazard Communication

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Basic Science & Translational Research

Mandatory Training

  • CITI Program Training – Biomedical Research
    • Laboratory-Acquired Infections
    • Biohazard Risk Assessment
    • Medical Surveillance
    • Risk Management: Emergency and Spill Response
    • Risk Management: Engineering Controls
  • Laboratory Specific Safety Orientation
  • Certificate of Fitness: C-14

Laboratory Safety Specific Resources

  • Laboratory Specific Safety Orientation
  • Laboratory Specific Hazard Assessment
  • Laboratory Specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Supplemental, Activity Specific Training

  • CITI Program Training  – OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
  • CITI Program Training – Animal Users
  • CITI Program Training – Recombinant DNA & Synthetic Nucleic Acids
    CITI Program Training – Nanotechnology
  • CITI Program Training – Shipping Regulated Biological Materials
  • CITI Program Training – Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)
  • CITI Program Training – ISMMS Select Agents and Toxins Program
  • CITI Program Training – BSL-3/ABSL-3 Biocontainment Research
  • Autoclave Safety (PEAK)
  • Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) (PEAK)
  • Compliant Operation and Management of Dark Rooms (PEAK)
  • Eyewashes and Safety Showers (PEAK)
  • Initial and Refresher Laser Safety for Researchers (PEAK)
  • Initial and Refresher Radiation Safety for Researchers (PEAK)
  • Proper Use of Chemical Fume Hoods (PEAK)

Mandatory Training for In Vivo Research

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Training
  • CITI Program Training
  • Annual Occupational Health and Safety Questionnaire (OHSQ)

Specialized Training and Permits

  • IATA-Dangerous Goods Transport Training

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Grants Training

  • Grants Compliance
  • GCO 101: Basics of the Sponsored Project and Research Application Process
  • GCO 102: Finding Funding Opportunities Using SPIN
  • GCO 201: Basics of Sponsored Projects Budgeting
  • GCO 202: NIH Modular Grant Budgets
  • GCO 203: Budgeting Direct Costs on Federal Awards
  • GCO 204: Budgeting Indirect Costs on Federal Awards
  • GCO 205: Applying the Updated Federal Indirect Cost Rates
  • GCO 301: Preparing Grants with Subawards
  • GCO 401: Preparing an NIH Other Support Page
  • GCO 402: Collecting Information for the NIH Other Support (OS) Page
  • GCO 403: Other Support Template Training
  • GCO 404: Upcoming Changes to the NIH Biosketch and Other Support Page

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Software System Training

  • eSafety Training
  • eIACUC Training
  • InfoEd Training
    • Demo 1 (required) – Creating a New Record (General Concepts)
    • Demo 2 (optional) – Non-Competitive Continuation
    • Demo 3 (optional) – Creating a Budget
    • Demo 4 (optional) – Setting up a New NIH Application (S2S)

Training Platforms

Research 411 Portal

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