Award Setup

Award Acceptance and Agreements

Grants and Contracts Office (GCO)

The GCO accepts and executes all grants and awards from federal, state and other non-profit agencies (e.g. foundations) on behalf of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS).

Contracts, agreements and other documents associated with these awards must be reviewed/negotiated by the GCO, and signed by the ISMMS authorized signatories – Jessica Moise, Hadijah Vactor or Amanda Amescua.

Email award agreements, contracts and other documents to


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Pre-Award Accounts and Expenditures

Establishing a Fund Number Prior to Receipt of NOA

To request a fund number prior to the receipt of a Notification of Award (NOA), complete and submit the Prior Approval Request Form with COI office signature via email to Sponsored Projects Accounting (Raj Appavu).

Approval for Pre-Award Expenditures


Pre-award expenditures must have prior approval of the ISMMS and/or appropriate NIH Institute of Center (I/C).

Failure to obtain required prior approval from the appropriate awarding NIH I/C may result in the dis-allowance of costs, termination of the award, or other enforcement action within NIH’s authority.


  • NIH or other Funding Agency: Request for prior approval should be sent through the GCO to the funding agency.
  • Grants and Contracts Office: Submit the prior approval request form to the GCO, through Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA).


Account Setup

Upon receipt of the Notice of Award (NOA) and the documents listed below from GCO, SPA sets up a fund number.

  • NOA
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Scope of Work

Subawards - Establishment and Subrecipient Monitoring


As a condition to its acceptance of funding from sponsor, the ISMMS is obligated in its role as primary recipient to undertake certain stewardship activities and to ensure compliance by the Subrecipient with federal, state and local laws and regulations and with the restrictions placed upon the primary award by the sponsor. In addition, the ISMMS remains responsible to the sponsor for managing funds and meeting performance goals.

For more information, refer to Subawards.


Subrecipient monitoring for all Subawards is a shared responsibility of the principal investigator, his/her Department Administrator, the Chair of his/her Department, Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) and Grants and Contracts Office (GCO).


Subaward Risk Assessment

After an award is made, Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) assesses the risk of subrecipients prior to executing a Subaward Agreement. SPA sends a Subrecipient Questionnaire to subawardees who are not members of the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse. For more information, refer to Subawards.

Establishment of Subaward

Following receipt of a Notice of Award (NOA), and completion of the subaward risk assessment, SPA will take the following actions:

  • Confirm the budget with the PI and/or Departmental Administrator.
  • Prepare a Subaward Agreement.
  • Have the Subaward Agreement fully signed by both the GCO and an authorized official of the recipient.

Following execution of the subward, SPA will email a copy of the agreement to the PI and Department Administrator to initiate the Procurement Contract to encumber the obligation in the General Ledger System.

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