Triggering Event (TE)

Every time a project is submitted, and at the time of continuing review of an existing project, the Triggering Event (TE) Form must be completed in eDisclosure Management System (eDMS).


A Triggering Event (TE) is used by the institution to generate notification emails to each investigator and key personnel listed on the project-specific Triggering Event (TE) form to complete the Research Trigger Form. A Triggering Event (TE) must be completed in eDisclosure Management System (eDMS) for ALL research projects.


A Triggering Event (TE) is required to be completed before the start of an IRB application in RUTH and/or GCO InfoEd application. When you begin an IRB application you will be prompted to enter the TE number or ID number that is generated from the Triggering Event (TE). The TE number is also required to be entered in the Triggering Event number field of your GCO application in InfoEd.


Triggering Event (TE) Instructions

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