Mandatory Training

Affiliating an Existing CITI Account with ISMMS

To affiliate your existing CITI account with ISMMS follow the steps below:

  • Log in to CITI Program.
  • Select “Click here to affiliate with another institution”, and select “Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai”.
  • Enter your work email account, your name as recognized by HR and your life number (or its equivalent) in the CITI profile page.
  •  Add the course(s) you need to complete and click “Submit”.
CITI Program Training – Biomedical Research

Required For

This training is required for all Basic Sciences Research investigators and members of the research staff that are actively involved in biomedical research with potentially biohazardous materials.

Access Instructions

  • Open CITI Program
  • Select “Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (SSO)” as your Organization Affiliation
  • Select “Continue” to SSO Login/Instructions
  • Use your Mount Sinai email address, your name recognized by HR, and your Life Number (or its equivalent) to your profile. This is essential to ensure that your record of completion electronically populates into your Sinai Central profile.
  • Select  Biomedical Research under Biosafety/Biosecurity - Question 5

Affiliating Your Existing CITI Account with ISMMS

Laboratory Specific Safety Orientation

Required For

Any individual who will be working for the first time in a laboratory or existing personnel transferring to a new/different lab.


Training must be completed prior to starting work as a new lab member.

Access Instructions

  • The Laboratory Orientation Checklist is located in the Laboratory Safety Manual. You can also request a copy of the Orientation Checklist by emailing EH&S at
  • Reminder that this training is location and laboratory specific; it must be conducted in the lab by the supervisor or appointed laboratory designee.

Affiliating Your Existing CITI Account with ISMMS

Certificate of Fitness: C-14

Available For

The Mount Sinai Laboratory Safety Committee requires all personnel that work in a laboratory to obtain a C-14 Certificate of Fitness.


The C-14 Certificate of Fitness is a permit required by the FDNY for the supervision of a non-production chemical laboratory. A C-14 holder must be present any time a laboratory is open and operational. If you, or anybody in your lab, are planning on working alone, working during off hours or on weekends, you will be required to obtain a C-14.

Access Instructions

Apply for the  - Certificate of Fitness for Non-Production Chemical Laboratories (C-14)




C-14’s must be renewed every 3 years.