Award Closeout

Final Report Submission


NIH award recipients are responsible for submitting timely and accurate Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) (NOT-OD-17-074).

There are three types of progress reports:

  1. Annual RPPR
  2. Interim RPPR
  3. Final RPPR


Refer to the NIH Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) website for reporting due dates.

Financial Closeout

In preparation for the Federal Financial Report (FFR) administrators should begin review of ledgers in Sinai Central 90 days prior to project end date.

  • A final closeout is due 120 days after the project period is ended.
  • Finance (SPA) provides a detail excel sheet with all of the year to date expenses and requires justification on all non-allowable charges.
  • All expenses and invoices must hit the ledger accurately.
  • Once the Federal Financial Report (FFR) closeout package is completed, a signature from the PI and department administrator is required.

For more information, refer to the sponsored projects Financial Closeout Policy.

Subaward Closeout

Subrecipient Monitoring - Closeout

Following the conclusion of a Subaward period of performance, the Subaward should be processed for closeout and formally closed within 60 days, unless SPF grants an extension of time. For detailed guidance, refer to the Subawards financial memorandum.

GCO Closeout


The PI or PI’s designee is responsible for submitting a final report to the GCO.


At the end of the project.


Final reports are required to be submitted in InfoEd. The application in InfoEd should be created in parallel with the NIH Final Progress Report (RPPR) or final reports of other funding agencies.

Step-by-step instructions for Creating a Non-Competing Continuation, No-Cost Extension or Final Report Submission.

No Cost Extension Requests

A no-cost extension may be required when the PI needs time beyond the scheduled termination date to complete the project or additional time is needed for closeout. In these instances, the PI must notify the GCO.

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