REDCap is a secure, self-service, web based electronic data capture system that can be used to build and manage surveys and databases. Some features of REDCap include:

  • Fast and flexible
  • Customizable
  • Send files securely
  • Export data to Excel and statistical packages (SAS, SPSS, R, Stata)
  • REDCap API
  • Import data
  • HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Clinical Data Pull (CDP) – import the following 5 types of EPIC data into REDCap
    • Basic Demographics
      • Conditions/Problem list
      • Medications
        • Active medications list
        • Completed medications list
        • On hold medications list
        • Stopped medications list
      • Vital signs
      • Laboratory (limited to lab results where LOINC code is stored in the Epic database)

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Mount Sinai Users: Users with mountsinai.org and mssm.edu accounts can log in using their Mount Sinai credentials.

External Collaborator Access (Non-Mount Sinai Users):  Read and write access for external collaborators to REDCap databases must be requested by the Mount Sinai PI through SailPoint. All external collaborators with read and write access will need an active Mount Sinai account to utilize the Mount Sinai VPN to continue access to REDCap.  See detailed instructions below:

  1. PIs need to Create a Volunteer Identity following the instructions at https://wiki.mountsinai.org/display/ITSECURITY/Sailpont+-+Create+Volunteer
  2. PIs then need to proceed to ‘Request Access’ for school VPN Tunnel, following instructions at https://itsecurity.mssm.edu/vpn-instructions/outlook/sailpoint-request/
  3. Once step 2 is approved; PIs will receive an email notification informing them that their SailPoint request has been completed with Mount Sinai Login ID and password. External Collaborators will need to change this password before logon by visiting https://passwordreset.mountsinai.org.  Select ‘mssm.edu’ for the location.
  4. External Collaborators can proceed to VIP Two-Factor setup for school VPN access, following instructions at https://itsecurity.mssm.edu/vpn-instructions/outlook/vpn-step-2/ After downloading the VIP token to your local device, you may need to send an email to school IT at ASCIT@mssm.edu for help with registration if you have trouble accessing https://register4vip.mssm.edu while off-campus.
  5. External Collaborators can proceed to login to the VPN at https://itsecurity.mssm.edu/vpn-instructions/outlook/vpn-step-3/(greater detail here if needed:  https://itsecurity.mssm.edu/)
  6. External Collaborators can proceed to login to REDCap with their new Mount Sinai login.
  7. PIs, Project Admins Once step 6 is complete and the External Collaborator has created a new REDCap account by logging into REDCap with their new Mount Sinai login, the new REDCap account can be added to existing REDCap projects in the User Rights section of the individual project.

Enabling Clinical Data Pull (CDP) for your Project
1. CDP users must have access to Epic and be listed as Key Study personnel in the IRB protocol.
2. The REDCap project must be in production status ($100/year annual fee).
3. User must submit a request to REDCap CDP request.


REDCap is available to Mount Sinai faculty, staff, and external collaborators. General support, training, guidance, and question/answer sessions are free.

  • Production projects – $200 per “production” project/database per year
  • Development projects – projects in the “development” status are free
  • Consulting, project development, report building, data importing/exporting, writing or reviewing/testing code, and other project-specific services are available on request for a consulting fee of $140/hour (minimum of 1 hour)
  • Clinical Data Pull (CDP) –  The REDCap support custom charge back rate of $140/hour will be applied for the mapping of fields for CDP.

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For assistance or questions, contact Mount Sinai REDCap Support.

REDCap Office Hours – Virtual

Every Wednesday 3:30-4:30 PM
Digital Concierge Service: Informatics and Data Science Walk- in Clinics

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