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All users who will create or edit InfoEd proposals, are required to attend the InfoEd Proposal Development module training prior to gaining access to the InfoEd Portal.

Although training is encouraged, if it is NOT possible for the Principal Investigator (PI) to attend the class, he/she may assign a delegate, who has already attended the training, or the department’s InfoEd administrator must take responsibility for training and supporting the new user. PIs will still require InfoEd access in order to approve and submit an InfoEd application.

For more information, refer to the InfoEd Training Policy.

New User Access

Step 1. Complete InfoEd Proposal Development: Demo 1 Training:

  • Open Online Course in PEAK
  • Select InfoEd Proposal Development: Demo 1

Step 2. Request InfoEd Access:

Delegate Access – PIs may designate an experienced user to be their InfoEd delegate using the following two methods:

Method 1. Follow the instructions below to open a ticket:

  • Open an InfoEd Ticket
  • Help Topic – Select “InfoEd/ How Do I Add A Delegate?”
  • Complete required fields
  • Create Ticket


Method 2. Add/Edit Delegate through your InfoEd account. (Instructions)

 PIs/Users Opting Out of Training Access

  • Open an InfoEd Ticket
  • Help Topic – Select “InfoEd/New User Request”.
  • In the “Tell us about your issue” section adapt the suggested language:

“The PI, Dr. XX, will not attend InfoEd Required Training. The PI delegated the contact person in the above form to edit and create his/her proposal. I understand that Research IT can support the delegate but not the PI until he/she has attended the class.”

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