Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission.


Institutional Review Board (IRB)



  • Single Sign On Access – Use your Mount Sinai Network ID and password. If you are unable to access Ideate, Open a Ticket  (Select “New User/Personnel Request”).
  • All members of the research team must upload their CV into their Ideate profile. For guidance, refer to Ideate User Account Creation or refer to the IDEATE Module 4: Check Personnel for CV Training module in PEAK.

Access Restrictions

  • Firefox Browser is required. All users who have desktop restrictions need to call the academic or hospital help desk and request to have the Firefox browser installed.
  • Off-campus access – Requires VPN Tunnel access which can be requested via Sailpoint. For guidance, refer to the VPN Instructions. 

System Link



Open a Ticket

Reference Guides

Ideate Training Modules

These modules can also be accessed directly in PEAK:

  • Login to PEAK
  • Select “Online Courses”
  • Select “Functional”
  • Select “System Training”
  • Scroll Down to “IDEATE”