IBM® MarketScan® is a service provided by the Office of Chief Research Informatics Officer (CRIO).

MarketScan® Research Databases from IBM® provides one of the longest-running and largest collections of proprietary de-identified claims data for privately and publicly insured people in the U.S.


Office of Chief Research Informatics Officer (CRIO)


The following documents are required for each member of the research team:

Please open a request ticket here and select CRIO / MarketScan® Request as the Help Topic

Data stored in MarketScan® Server is accessed, analyzed, and used only on the server.

MarketScan® data is accessible using SAS application launched from Citrix Workspace.

Students cannot use the licensed data unless they are assisting faculty/staff researchers in a faculty/staff-led study. PhD students can request a dissertation-support data set we make available free of cost. This is the only data set we can allow for student projects.


There is no cost to end users for internally funded studies. For externally funded studies, there is an end-user fee to use the school-acquired data sets in non-commercial projects of $30,000 per study. There is an end-user fee to use the data in commercially funded studies of $60,000 per study. The end-user fees are standard for IBM® licensing agreements with academic medical centers.