Quick Guide to Publishing your EBP, QI, or Research Project

Publishing your EBP, QI, or research project has many benefits for patients, nurses, and healthcare organizations. By publishing your work you will add to the evolving body of knowledge that guides nursing practice, helping to ensure that nurses everywhere deliver the best possible care to patients. Publishing your work contributes to your professional development and career advancement, helps your organization achieve or maintain Magnet© designation, and helps the nursing profession be recognized for important contributions to patient care.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Projects in the Mount Sinai Health System: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Success

Knowing the process for conducting your DNP project at MSHS will help ensure that your project is completed in accordance with MSHS policies and your graduation timeline. This guide is designed to help MSHS nurses enrolled in DNP programs navigate the process of choosing a topic, developing a protocol, and obtaining the necessary approvals to complete the project. 

Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement, and Research: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Determining whether a project is evidence-based practice (EBP), quality improvement (QI), or research can be challenging—even for experts! Some projects that appear to be EBP or QI may contain elements of research. Conversely, some projects that we refer to colloquially as research are actually EBP or QI. Finding the correct determination is important for ensuring that projects are reviewed by the appropriate bodies since research projects require Institutional Review Board (IRB) review while EBP and QI projects do not. This guide is designed to clarify the definitions of EBP, QI, and research, and to provide insight into which projects meet the definition of research.

Using REDCap© for Data Collection and Storage

REDCap© (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web-based platform for collecting, storing, and managing data. REDCap© includes many helpful features including access to existing surveys and data collection tools from across the research community, data summaries and clear visualizations of project progress, the ability to share data access with approved team members in real-time, and seamless data export to multiple data analysis software packages. REDCap© is particularly helpful for survey research and field data collection, as participants can follow unique links to enter data directly into the system at multiple time points.

Completing Your Dissertation Research in the Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) nurses enrolled in research doctoral programs (e.g., PhD, EdD, DNSc) may choose to conduct their dissertation research within MSHS. This guide is designed to highlight the resources available to nurses in research doctoral programs and the processes for obtaining approvals to 4perform dissertation research at MSHS.

CITI Training: Course Requirements and Site Navigation

CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) training for safe and ethical project conduct is required for all nurse-led evidence based practice (EBP), quality improvement (QI), and research projects in the Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS). CITI is a cross-institutional training platform used by MSHS and many other health systems and universities to provide education on topics related to the ethical conduct of research and use of data. This guide provides detailed information about which CITI trainings are required for nurse-led EBP, QI, and research projects at MSHS project and instructions for how to access and complete the trainings.

Support for Project Design and Data Analysis

Your project design and plans for data collection and analysis have important implications for what types of conclusions you will be able to draw from your project. For most projects, there will be several possible ways of approaching the design and analysis. There are pros and cons to each method, so discussing your plans with a researcher prior to beginning the project can be helpful. This guide will describe the resources available to nurses in the Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) for designing projects and analyzing data.

Submitting Your Project to the IRB

The first step for beginning a nurse-led evidence-based practice, quality improvement, or research project at Mount Sinai Health System is submitting it for review by the Nursing Project Review Council (NPAC). Following review, NPAC will issue a determination letter stating whether the project requires IRB review. If IRB review is required, the Center for Nursing Research and Innovation (CNRI) is available to work with you individually to submit your project.

Levy Library Resources and Support for Conducting Literature Searches

Evidence-based practice (EBP), quality improvement (QI) and research projects begin and end with reviewing the literature. Understanding what is already known about your topic and what contributions you would like your work to make will help you develop your project objectives and design, and interpret, contextualize, and disseminate your findings.