Submitting Your Project to the IRB

The first step for beginning a nurse-led evidence-based practice, quality improvement, or research project at Mount Sinai Health System is submitting it for review by the Nursing Project Approval Council (NPAC). Following review, NPAC will issue a determination letter stating whether the project requires IRB review. If IRB review is required, the Center for Nursing Research and Innovation (CNRI) is available to work with you individually to submit your project. Please email to connect with staff who can support you through the process. 

Getting Ready to Submit to the IRB

  • Ensure that your protection of human subjects training is complete. Submitting your protocol to the IRB requires additional training modules beyond what is required for NPAC review. Please see our guide titled CITI Training: Course Requirements and Site Navigation for detailed instructions.
  • Ensure that your protocol has at least one ISMMS faculty member listed as an investigator. ISMMS allows any member of the study team to serve as Principal Investigator (e.g. a student may be the PI for their own project); however, please note that all projects must have at least one ISMMS faculty member on the study team. If you are not already working with someone who has a faculty appointment, the CNRI nurse researchers are faculty who can serve in this capacity.
  • Create a Trigger Event (TE) in eDMS to generate your project’s TE Number. The institution uses the TE to manage potential conflicts of interest in research. 

Submitting to the IRB using RUTH

  • Submit your protocol to the IRB using RUTH. You can access RUTH from on or off campus using your MSHS network login and password. Please note that you will need to create your profile in RUTH by uploading your resume or CV prior to submitting a protocol.
  • The PPHS website, Research Roadmap IRB Submission page, and RUTH IRB Submission System page have detailed instructions and tutorials for navigating RUTH. Additional information for investigators including worksheets, templates, checklists, and standing operating procedures are available in the RUTH Library within the RUTH system. is available to assist you with completing your RUTH submission.