Grants Training

Grants Compliance, GCO 101: Basics of the Sponsored Project and Research Application Process, GCO 201: Basics of Sponsored Projects Budgeting, GCO 202: NIH Modular Grant Budgets, GCO 203: Budgeting Direct Costs on Federal Awards, GCO 204: Budgeting Indirect Costs on Federal Awards, GCO 301: Preparing Grants with Subawards, GCO 401: Preparing an NIH Other Support Page

Mandatory Training for In Vivo Research

Training is required for all personnel (faculty, staff or students) working with animals or who are listed on the IACUC protocol. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Training, Annual Occupational Health and Safety Questionnaire (OHSQ).

Laboratory Safety Specific Resources

Each laboratory at Mount Sinai is a unique environment. Laboratory specific training is required to ensure researchers are aware of the specific hazards present in their labs, are familiar with the location of safety equipment, and understand how to evacuate safely in the event of an emergency.

Mandatory Training

Training is required for all individuals working in a laboratory (research or clinical; biological or chemical), using lasers, radioactivity, chemical fume hoods, pathogens, and/or working in dark rooms .