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Advanced Cardiology Metabolism and Lipids Fellowship – Annual Solicitation (Deadline – April 29, 2023)

Duration: 1 or 2 years
Application Deadline: April 29, 2023
Start Date: July 2023
Block schedule: 65% research, 35% outpatient
Supervision: Robert S. Rosenson, MD

Fellows accepted to the Andres Mata Fellowship in Lipoproteins and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in the Division of Cardiology are either board eligible or board certified in internal medicine and are accepted into the program after completing residency training in internal medicine. Goals of the program:

I. Medical Knowledge
1. Recognize need for, state proper indications for, discuss potential complications of, and demonstrate appropriate treatment of patients with lipoprotein disorders and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, through reading, attending relevant presentations, and observing and discussing with senior faculty.
2. Requirements for American Board of Clinical Lipidology Examination ( will be supported.

II. Clinical Research
1. Involvement in investigator-initiated clinical trials including recruitment of clinical subjects, data analysis, and abstract and manuscript preparation.
2. Competence and proficiency in recent relevant clinical findings and innovations.
3. Learn methods on biocellular and inflammation and thrombosis, including a potential external training.
4. Support time for related additional training, vascular imaging, genetics, and molecular and cellular biology training as relevant.

III. Patient Care
1. Recognize and provide treatment under close supervision by senior fellows and faculty. Specifically, this includes understanding the management of patients with:
a. Lipoprotein disorders
b. Cardiovascular risk factors including hypertension and diabetes.
c. Genetics
d. Management of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases according to national guidelines and professional society expert documents.

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