Welcome to the CTSA Network CTMS Consortium (CNCC), hosted by ConduITs, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) CTSA.

ConduITs was awarded a CTSA Administrative Supplement in August 2018 in order to accelerate the implementation of our chosen Clinical Trials Management System, OnCore, throughout our extensive Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS).

In our proposal we planned to develop a CTSA Network CTMS Consortium. The consortium will invite participation by all CTSAs across the network, 22 of which currently utilize OnCore, and will provide a platform to:

  • Share best practices in the utilization of CTMSs.
  • Develop standard operating procedures across the network.
  • Identify trends for commonly collected data across hubs with both similar and disparate CTMS systems.
  • Enable the network to proactively assess the feasibility of each hub’s CTMS’ ability to capture key performance measures that can be collected for Common Metrics and other types of research outcome tracking and analytics.

The consortium will be developed in collaboration with NCATS CTSA Program and CLIC, and will be based on survey data collected from Hubs about the needs identified, scope and capabilities of managing clinical trials at the participating hubs.

We are at the very beginning of planning the consortium’s charter, mission and goals and we encourage your early participation.

To join our nascent consortium, please send a request here: Research 411.

Research 411 Portal

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