Final Report Application – GCO

An application closing out the project.

Example: Your grant is over and it’s now time to submit the close out documents.

Other Terms: Close Out

Supplement Application – GCO

An application that is requesting additional funding from funding agency beyond what is already approved.

Example: You are requesting funds to replace a piece of equipment that broke or add an additional post-doc.

Other Terms: Revision (NIH)

No-Cost Extension Application – GCO

An application requesting the extension of the award end date without additional funds from the extramural funding agency.

Example: Your grant end date is approaching, you are not done with your research, you would like to continue, and are not requesting any additional funds from the agency to do so.

IF Number

An IF number is generated when an Investigator Form is completed in Sinai Central. The IF number is required for an Ideate IRB application with the exception of studies requesting to rely on BRANY. The IF number is GCO submissions.

Non-Competitive Continuation Application – GCO

An application that is not competing with other applications receives additional funding for a budget period within a previously approved project period. Mount Sinai also treats unfunded projects and yearly renewals of clinical trials paid on a per patient basis in this category.

Example: Your grant is for 5 years of funding and you are submitting the required yearly progress report to the agency before the 2nd year begins.

Other Terms: Yearly Renewal, RPPR (NIH), Continuation, Progress Report

Resubmission Application – GCO

An application that has been previously submitted, but was not funded, and is being resubmitted for new consideration.

Example: Your grant was not funded the first time around and you are applying again.

Project Period – GCO

The total time interval for which an extramural funding agency has approved the project. For NIH sponsored projects, it includes the initial competitive segment, any subsequent competitive segments, and extensions.

Budget Period – GCO

The interval of time, generally 12 months, into which a project period is divided for budgetary and funding purposes. Many times a budget period may also correspond with an IRB or IACUC approval period. Since they are not interchangeable, a PI must track different periods for reporting purposes.

Other Terms: Increment

Sponsor – GCO

A term that has a range of meanings that are used in different research contexts. It can mean extramural funding agency in sponsored project administration, IND or IDE holder in FDA regulated research, as well as mentor of a fellowship.