Gift – GCO

A gift is the voluntary, non-reciprocal transfer of money or property from a donor to an institution. The donor may be an individual, a corporation or a non-profit organization. The donor does not expect anything of value in return other than recognition and does not have control over expenditure of the funds. A gift may meet the interests of the donor and can be restricted or unrestricted.

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

EH&S supports the research community by providing guidance on a variety of topics, including safe handling, use and storage of chemicals, proper disposal of hazardous waste, hazard identification and spill response and remediation. Together, EH&S and the research community work to develop and maintain a culture of safety in all laboratories.

Investigator (FCOIR) – PPHS

According to PPHS guidelines, when completing the Investigator Form for Human Subject Research you are required to list:

  • Everyone who meets the Federal definition of an Investigator, that is anyone responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of the project. Please link this to the GCO definition of “investigator”
  • All employees involved in the design, conduct and reporting of the human research study. This includes all those listed on the HRP 211 form.

Subaward – GCO

A legal instrument by which a recipient (i.e., the prime institution) provides funds (or property in lieu of funds) to an eligible sub-awardee (or a lower-tier transaction) to perform a substantive portion of an externally sponsored program or project. The term includes such financial assistance when provided by any legal agreement (even if the agreement is called a contract).

Other Terms: Consortium Agreement, Subcontract

Contract – GCO

A mechanism for procurement of a product or service with specific obligations for both Mount Sinai and the extramural funding agency and recipient. Typically, there are greater performance expectations associated with contracts, including project milestones and detailed deliverables (e.g., reports). The arrangement is usually designed to benefit the extramural funding agency by achieving an expected outcome or product.

Other Terms: Acquisition Mechanism

Cooperative Agreement – GCO

A type of grant award in which there is substantial scientific or programmatic involvement from the extramural funding agency. Substantial involvement means that, after award, scientific or program staff will assist, guide, coordinate, or participate in project activities.

Other Terms: U-series (NIH)

Grant – GCO

A type of financial assistance mechanism providing money, property, or both to Mount Sinai to carry out research or other approved project or activity.

Other Terms: Assistance Mechanism

Transfer Application – GCO

An application that is requesting that the legal and administrative responsibility is transferred from one legal entity to another.

Example: You are a new recruit to Mount Sinai and are transferring your grant here.

Other Term: Change of Grantee Organization