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ORS can be your first stop in navigating the research systems of the Mount Sinai Health System. We assist investigators and research personnel by providing: regulatory oversight requirements and administrative processes for protocol development; consulting services; orientation, education, training, and guidance; and online tools.

Research Subject Recruitment

Recruiting participants is a crucial component of research studies involving human subjects. Research teams must get the word out about their studies to interested and qualified volunteers who are motivated and able to participate. In addition, while identifying a sufficient number of eligible participants, the research team must ensure that their recruitment methods and materials comply with all required regulatory standards. The following resources include information about several available tools and services to support recruitment efforts.

External Research Resources

ORS maintains this list of agencies and organizations that provide information and resources to researchers.

Office of Research Services

Office of Research Services The Office of Research Services (ORS) serves as a central resource for the Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) research community. ORS assists the research community with how to navigate the internal research infrastructure and external...