IT and data security: important update (10/19/2020)

Certain countries are known to support intrusions and disruptions to computer systems and networks of leading research institutions, including those in the U.S. Given the prominence of the research that you are conducting, we are contacting you directly regarding this very real threat. The motives for these “Nation State” attacks vary from providing commercial advantages to that country’s businesses to national prestige and other geopolitical drivers. Nation State attacks are a particular concern due to their technical sophistication and the persistence of the attacker. These attackers have the resources to conduct a long term attack on their targets.

There have been numerous warnings issued by the U.S. FBI and other law enforcement agencies on this threat. Although COVID-19 was specifically referenced in the most recent notices, warnings regarding Nation State attacks had been circulating prior to the current COVID-19 emergency.

The consequences of these attacks may result in the theft of data and intellectual property or the delivery of ransomware that may make your computers and other computers at Mount Sinai unusable.

We can set up a meeting at your convenience to have our IT Security team discuss this ongoing threat with you and your team to review the risks and provide recommendations that you can follow to reduce this risk and protect your valuable data.

Thank you,

Eric J. Nestler, MD, PhD
Dean for Academic and Scientific Affairs
Director, Friedman Brain Institute
Nash Family Professor of Neuroscience

Kristin Myers, MPH
Executive Vice President
Chief Information Officer
Dean for Information Technology

Kenny Chu
Sr. Director, IT Security
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
Mount Sinai Health System

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