Whenever research material is exchanged between Mount Sinai and other institutions or companies, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is required. An MTA is a legal contract documenting the rights and responsibilities governing the use and exploitation of tangible research materials. These can cover an incoming or outgoing transfer of specialized laboratory animals, chemical compounds, human tissue, and other biological materials for research purposes.

MTAs protect both the researcher’s and Mount Sinai’s interests and the ability to conduct future research related to the material. Where a researcher is receiving material, MSIP will negotiate the MTA to ensure that the provider does not include terms that may restrict the researcher’s academic freedom, assert undue rights of ownership of discoveries, or use indemnification language that may put Mount Sinai at risk.

(Source: http://www.ip.mountsinai.org/request-an-agreement/#1522694285946-35d0e9a2-38cb)

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