A License Agreement is a legal contract between Mount Sinai and a third party describing the rights and responsibilities related to the use and exploitation of intellectual property. The License may be exclusive, non-exclusive, or a time-limited option, for the defined use, development and/or sale of the patented (pending or issued) and licensed intellectual property. Mount Sinai’s main goal in any License Agreement is to ensure that the technology will be developed by the licensee for the benefit of the public, and if successful, provide a reasonable return to the institution and the inventor(s), while simultaneously ensuring that the agreement complies with both federal and institutional policies. Licensing negotiations are negotiated directly between MSIP and a non-inventor representative of the company in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

(Source: http://www.ip.mountsinai.org/request-an-agreement/#1522694337590-e59e59ba-0891)

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