The General Thoracic Surgery Database of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) is a record of all thoracic surgical cases performed at the Mount Sinai Hospital since March 2012. This database of over 2000 cases contains information on demographics, surgery performed, pre-operative evaluations (height, weight, comorbidities, smoking status, performance scores), clinical information (staging, surgery date, procedure start/end time), post-operative complications, and each primary diagnosis for each procedure. This database is enhanced through a linkage with Pathology providing unstained sections, curls, H&E stained slides, and curls of normal tissue, as well as pathology reports for studies on molecular markers. Patient records in the STS database were identified in EPIC in order to provide additional information on a case-by-case basis as needed. A linkage of STS data has been performed with the BioMe Biobank Program, which has stored DNA and plasma samples, clinical medical record and questionnaire data, and large-scale genome-wide genotype and exome-chip data. Furthermore, the STS database has been linked with a warehouse dataset curated by SEMA4, providing genetic information on each patient including any variants present (deletions, insertions, fusions, single nucleotide variants), with additional information about codon and exon location. This enhanced resource can be utilized to investigate the prevalence of various molecular markers in thoracic cancers and their relationship to exposure, cancer etiology and outcomes, utilizing both clinical and tissue data. Taken together this novel tool represents an innovative way to identify and observe the effects of environmental exposures and cancer development.

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