Sponsored Projects

All full-time, part-time, emeritus, and voluntary faculty of Icahn School of Medicine and its affiliates are eligible to serve as principal investigators/project directors. Other professional staff, who hold titles typically associated with independent work, and whose appointments are subject to a rigorous review of credentials, may also serve as principal investigators. The departmental chair and/or administrator approve the principal investigator in the InfoEd application submission routing process.

Policies and Procedures Governing Research and Sponsored Projects

Questions: Contact the GCO at (212) 824-8300.

Human Research Studies

For human research studies any faculty member can serve as a PI. Medical School students and employees may also function as PIs as long as a faculty member joins the project as a mentor or co-investigator.

Additional Information for Obtaining Approvals

Questions: Check with your department for specific policies.

In Vivo Research Studies

The Animal Welfare Act Regulations (AWAR) state that a Principal Investigator (PI) is “an employee of a research facility, or other person associated with a research facility, responsible for a proposal to conduct research and for the design and implementation of research involving animals” (AWAR, p.23).

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and IACUC require a PI to be a faculty member. However, a Post-Doctoral fellow may be also be a PI on a grant and listed as such on the IACUC protocol as long as a senior faculty mentor is also listed on the Application.


Questions: Contact the IACUC office at (212) 241-0153, or email the IACUC Chair at iacuc@mssm.edu.

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