Team Science is a core part of ConduITS the CTSA at Mount Sinai. Team Science embraces complex scientific challenges by leveraging the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different disciplines and fields of inquiry. Although traditional single-investigator driven approaches are ideal for many scientific endeavors, coordinated teams of investigators with diverse skills and knowledge can be especially helpful for studies addressing multi-factorial problems, such as climate change, chronic disease, health disparities and health equity.

A novel approach to fostering Team Science, the Mount Sinai Health Hackathon is a multidisciplinary competition focused on creating novel technology solutions for assessing, monitoring, managing, and treating problems in healthcare.  Supported by ConduITS, the Institutes for Translational Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine, the Mount Sinai Health Hackathon is an annual event launched in 2016.

The Mission of the Mount Sinai Health Hackathon

The Mount Sinai Health Hackathon is intentional in its efforts to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds as well as educational institutions, in particular, Schools of Engineering, to advance clinically impactful technology solutions. The program aims to:

  • Enable participants from diverse disciplines to engage in multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams
  • Foster experiential learning through communication, collaboration and problem solving
  • Cultivate an environment for participants to develop the skills and knowledge for creating technology solutions to address the needs and unique challenges of the healthcare environment.
  • Promote a healthcare innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem at Mount Sinai and beyond.

The 2019 Health Hackathon theme was Artificial Intelligence: Expanding the Limits of Human Performance.  Interdisciplinary design teams consisted of students from a variety of institutions including ISMMS, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Columbia, CUNY, CCNY, Stonybrook, Cooper Union, and the Stevens Institute. Teams were tasked to work collaborative to solve a problem in healthcare using artificial intelligence as it applies to adaptive/e-sports, memory and mental agility, social connectivity and communication, and professional performance in medicine.

The 2019 Health Hackathon Team Finalists were:

Deliberate 5 team members (The Cooper Union, CUNY, CCNY) Improving psychotherapy quality of care through confidential facial recording and image analysis. *the 2020 Mount Sinai Innovation Showcase winner.

George 3 team members (Duck Creek Technologies & Stage 1) AI based scheduling algorithm to reduce wait times and improve clinical efficiency for hemodialysis.

Deep Brain Precision 4 team members (ISMMS, Tulane & MGH) AI driven programming with wearables for DBS treated Parkinson’s patients.

Want to learn more about the Mount Sinai Health Hackathon? A range of video resources are linked below.


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