Dagmar Hernandez-Suarez, MD, MSc., joined the TL1 postdoctoral STTEP-UP Initiative in Science and Medicine program as a PGY3 Internal Medicine resident. Co-Mentored by Stuart Scott, PhD, MSCR, an Associate Professor, ISMMS Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and Jorge Duconge, PhD, MS, BSc, Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Hernandez-Suarez pursued mentored research concerning the pharmacogenetics of Clopidrogel in  Puerto Rican Hispanics with cardiovascular disease. This research earned him an oral presentation at the annual ACTS Meeting, TS 2017, Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award, American Heart Association 2018 Best Poster Award, a PRCTRC HiREC small grant award, Co-Investigator on a NIHMD RO1 and resulted in 5 (four 1st authored) peer reviewed publications. He has continued his research endeavors, as reflected in 17 additional peer reviewed publications, focused on questions concerning health disparities in cardiovascular disease and more recently has investigated leveraging machine learning to generate prediction models for structural valve interventions. He is currently a Research Track Cardiology Fellow at the University of Puerto Rico. Dagmar continues to attribute much of his success to the TL1 program: “Always grateful to have been a STTEP-UP scholar! “