ConduITS, the Institutes for Translational Sciences at Mount Sinai CTSA and the Office of Research Services (ORS) offers services to assist research teams with any research-related question, from data collection to best practices in community-engaged study recruitment and retention.

Our approach to precision medicine has evolved toward a precision public health framework that integrates genomics with key public health domains such as environmental health, social determinants of health, and big data team science to more effectively address health equity challenges. In parallel, our approach to community engagement has also evolved.

Once a priority area is identified, we invite clinicians, funders, insurers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, drawing from established and novel partnerships, to provide relevant expertise and resources to allow rapid and effective response to emerging health priorities. The goal is to drive community-centered strategies and solutions leveraging innovations including geographical information systems tools for participatory mapping and digital technologies that can facilitate engagement, characterize environmental exposures, and inform local planning and decision-making.

We are working to build on this existing infrastructure to specifically engage partners in environmental assessment, exposomics, and big data/data science approaches to improve health across our communities and beyond. Simultaneously, ConduITS-directed team science initiatives catalyzed the re-engineering of clinical and translational science education, fortified transdisciplinary research training, implemented metrics to evaluate and support team science contributions including community engagement in the academic promotion process, and fostered competency-based team science education and training.

To learn more about ConduITS community engagement and other strategies for recruitment and retention please see this page of the Research Roadmap or submit a Research 411 ticket.

ConduITS is supported by NCATS of the NIH’s CTSA Program. Any use of CTSA-supported resources requires citation of grant number UL1TR001433 awarded to ISMMS in the acknowledgment section of every publication resulting from this support. Adherence to the NIH Public Access Policy is also required.