ConduITS the Institutes for Translational Sciences at Mount Sinai CTSA develops and disseminates stakeholder engaged recruitment strategies to support understanding and championing of research to address the need to engage diverse groups of people in research.

Collaborative work among people brought together by common experience, interests, and/or geographic proximity is crucial to address issues affecting their collective well-being.

This is accomplished by integrating diverse partners to participate in research, dissemination, leadership, and translation of research to action.

Joining with Harlem and South Bronx residents and communication and media experts, Ms. Crispin Goytia, the CTSA Community Engagement Program Manager, produced an animated video in Spanish and English about the importance of research participation that was disseminated via social media through our stakeholder partners, including regional CTSAs.

The videos can be found here:

Spanish: Es necesario incluir diversos grupos de personas en la investigación que nuestros socios interesados ​​se dieron cuenta de que existen algunos desafíos. Este video es un primer paso para ayudar a TODAS las personas a participar en proyectos de investigación. No solo participar sino ser colaboradores activos en el proceso de investigación.

English: The need to engage diverse groups of people in research is well recognized by our stakeholder partners and has some real challenges. This video is a first step in helping ALL people take part in research projects. Not only participate but to be active collaborators in the research process.

For questions regarding community-based and/or engaged research, community outreach, partnership development and protocols, place a Research 411 Ticket for additional information.

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