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Meet Our Team
Supported by the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) grant UL1TR001433 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health

Meet Our Team

ORS can be your first stop in navigating the research systems of the Mount Sinai Health System. We assist investigators and research personnel by providing: regulatory oversight requirements and administrative processes for protocol development; consulting services; orientation, education, training, and guidance; and online tools. Please feel free to contact the staff at the Office of Research Services regarding any questions you may have by creating a login (one-time process) and selecting Research 411 on our ORS Help Center, or by calling us at 212-824-7294.

Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Mary Sano, PhD

Sonia Kleiner-Arje, MSRA, CHRC

Clinical Trials Analyst
Angela Lee, MPH, MS, PA

Research Project Manager
Nicole Buchenholz, MS

Research Project Manager
Ursula Fastovsky

Research Project Manager
Louise Wolf, PhD

Research Project Coordinator
Brianna Wisniewski

Administrative Assistant
Sabrina Herndon

Meet Our Team

The ORS staff answers all categories of research questions or directs questions to the appropriate office or individual who can provide the answers to members of the research community.

Research Listserv

Email messaging system providing latest research newsletters and funding opportunities.

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ISMMS Research Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

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