The Cohort Query Tool (CQT) is a web-based self-service tool that can be used to query the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse (MSDW).

CQT features include:

  • Self-service query tool
  • Query MSDW
  • Quickly access/estimate de-identified cohorts
  • De-identified data can be re-identified upon request to the MSDW
  • IRB Approval – Required for identified data reports.
  • Access – Limited to weekday business hours (see below)
  • Typical Query
    • How many living patients over age 65 in the MSDW had a CABG in 2010?
    • What fraction of those CABG patients were smokers on Chantix?


Scientific Computing


Registration – First time users need to view two training videos and complete a QCT access form to enable CQT login.

Access Restrictions

  • Off-campus access – Required VPN Tunnel Access which can be requested via Sailpoint. For guidance, refer to the VPN Instructions. 
  • The Mount Sinai Data Warehouse (MSDW) is generally available Monday-Saturday between 9:00 AM – 6:45 PM. The MSDW updates nightly from 6:45 PM – 9:00 AM. The CQT status (displayed on the logon screen) changes to “available” as soon as the nightly updates are complete.



System Link

Cohort Query Tool


All requests can be sent to the MSDW ticketing system.  Use your Mount Sinai credentials to login to the ticketing system.


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Scroll down to select  CQT courses:

  • CQT Clinical Documentation Search Tutorial
  • CQT Fast-Track to the Cohort Query Tool

Reference Guide

Fast Track to the Cohort Query Tool