The CAP is a very large, carefully curated dataset encompassing longitudinal patient data from numerous lung cancer, prostate cancer, and multiple myeloma cases in the Mount Sinai Health System. The data is intelligently structured so that it is searchable and discrete; data points for each case include diagnoses, staging (clinical, pathology, and overall), radiology reports, pathology reports, tumor details, molecular markers, treatment information, demographics, and more. Identified or deidentified subsets can be provided as exports.


This service has been provided by the Tisch Cancer Institute in collaboration with the CRIO office.


  • Submit an OSTicket and select “Cancer Research Informatics & Data Management”
  • Fill out the required fields


For questions about the CAP Project, or for questions about access or ticketing, contact Irena Parvanova, PhD, at Irena.Parvanova@mountsinai.org.