NIH – All of Us Research Program


The NIH All of Us program is a large nationwide effort with a goal of recruiting 1 million ethnically-diverse participants, with rich information on health status, lifestyle, and environmental exposures.

All of Us has now opened their Researcher Workbench, which is a cloud-based tool that allows one to query medical records, health surveys, etc from the first ~200,000 participants. Tools include:

  • Workspaces
  • Cohort builder
  • Dataset builder
  • Notebooks
  • Phenotype library

In addition, whole genome sequencing is currently being performed on participants in the All of Us program, and it is planned that there will be a release of the first batch of whole genome sequencing data from ~200,000 participants in 2021 via the cloud-based Terra workbench.

For more information see NIH All of Us Research Program and Trial Innovation Network Webinar – Introducing the All of Us Research Workbench.


The Icahn School of Medicine has an approved Institutional User Agreement with All of Us, which allows researchers at ISMMS to access these data after creating a personal login and completing the required steps. A link to the Researcher Workbench, including creating a new user account, is here: