For researchers who are either already, or are considering, using Google Cloud computing for your work, Mount Sinai has now set up an agreement with NIH and Google as part of the STRIDES program, which gives discounts of 10-25% on cloud computing costs.

For more information see https://datascience.nih.gov/strides.

STRIDES Initiative Pricing: For more information, contact im Coyne, coyne@onixnet.com.

Grants: For users of Google Cloud, it is also worth noting that Faculty and PhD students can apply to Google for grants that give credits of up to $5,000 in cloud compute costs under their research program. The application simply involves submitting an abstract online, and the review process is rapid. See https://edu.google.com/programs/researchers/?modal_active=none


To take advantage of these discounts, it is necessary to have the invoicing linked to an NIH grant. If you are already using Google Cloud, we recommend you switch over to monthly invoicing under this agreement to benefit from the discounts. One important thing to note though is that these discounts do not apply to the use of pre-emptive VMs, which are usually the cheapest way of performing analysis in the cloud, so these will still be billed at the same rate as normal.

Account Set Up: For anyone that wants to set up a new Google Cloud billing account, Jim Coyne, coyne@onixnet.com is the contact person who would facilitate this.

Technical Questions: If there are technical questions regarding using Google Cloud resources, Stephen Fang is the Google Cloud Technical Rep who covers our region, sfang@google.com.

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