The Investigator Form (IF) is used by the institution to manage potential conflicts of interest in research. Principal Investigators or their delegates must complete the Investigator Form (IF) in Sinai Central for ALL research projects. See BRANY Exception below.


The Investigator Form (IF) is required to be completed before the start of an IRB application in Ideate and/or GCO InfoEd application. When you begin an IRB application you will be prompted to enter the IF number or ID number that is generated from the Investigator Form (IF). The IF number is also required to be entered in the Sinai Central Project ID field of your GCO application in InfoEd.


Investigator Form (IF) Instructions

BRANY Exception

If BRANY is used for both IRB review and contract negotiation, you are exempt from creating an IF and submitting your FCOI disclosure in Sinai Central.  All key study personnel (i.e. involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of the research) must disclose financial interests by completing BRANY FORM 01 and FORM 02 (if applicable) and submitting these forms along with their IRB application through the BRANY IRB Manager platform.

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