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Reduced InfoEd Data Entry Requirements for Non Key Personnel on Non S2S Submissions


Industry sponsored clinical research studies are required to be submitted in InfoEd, and reviewed by the Grants and Contracts Office (GCO). InfoEd is a program that internally routes and manages sponsored projects and a subset of ISMMS supported projects for department and GCO review.

Evaluation by the GCO includes review for accuracy of administrative and budget information, as well as for compliance with Federal, State, New York City, and Icahn School of Medicine regulations. This includes regulations pertaining to biosafety, the use of human subjects, vertebrate animals, or recombinant DNA.

*InfoEd – BRANY Exceptions

There are 2 categories of BRANY Studies:

  • Exempt from InfoEd submission: BRANY Classic Studies
    • Studies utilizing BRANY services for budgeting, contracting, IRB, and billing
  • Non-Exempt from InfoEd submission: BRANY IRB-only studies
    • Studies using BRANY only for IRB services


The application must be submitted in the InfoEd Portal. Please include a memo with your RUTH # if you have one.

InfoEd Instructions

Application Type – Non-S2S, no Budget

Budgets for industry sponsored clinical trials that are paid per patient and/or per procedure are not entered in InfoEd. In the InfoEd Setup Question tab, select “Non-S2S, No Budget”. By selecting this, you will not have an option to complete a budget tab.


The InfoEd application should be started at the same time as your IRB application in the RUTH electronic submission system. The IRB will reject your submission if you have not started the GCO application and do not have an assigned InfoEd Project Development (PD) number.