Principal Investigator (PI) Approval is Required

In order to complete the GCO submission, the  Principal Investigator (PI) must approve/sign off on the InfoEd application.


The InfoEd application must be submitted immediately after the IRB submission.


Prior to submission the PI and the study team should review the application checklist. Once the application is ready for submission, the Principal Investigator is required to complete the  “Finalize” tab in InfoEd to approve and submit the application. For detailed instructions, click here.


Technical Issues – Research IT Support Request

General Questions – Contact your departmental assigned GCO specialist.

Routing and Approval Process

  1. PI Approves InfoEd Application
  2. Routed to Dept(s)
  3. Dept(s) Approves
  4. Submitted to GCO for Review
  5. Email Notification Receipt from GCO
  6. GCO Records Record
  7. InfoEd status is changed to Review Complete
Department Approval Tracking

To ensure department signatories sign applications in a timely manner, check the approval routing queue in InfoEd. This can be done by hovering on the yellow folder icon under the project title, select view PD, and select the finalize tab to view the routing history. This is especially important for submissions with key personnel from two or more departments.

To find a list of department signatories, refer to the InfoEd Routing List

GCO Application Review Requirements

The GCO will begin to review your application once:

  • All investigators have completed the Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (FCOIR) Form
  • IRB application has been submitted

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