CRO Account Information Forms

Clinical Trial Sponsors are increasingly using the services of CROs to make the study related payments. To help manage and identify wire payments, FACTS wants to have a single contact to receive the payment remittances. As of July 1, 2021, all CRO Payee Account Information Forms should be completed indicating Rosaria McEntee ( as the primary recipient. FACTS will then forward to the department when it is received.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact FACTS at

Generating a Fund Number


Requests for study fund numbers for industry funded clinical trials will be initiated when IRB approval has been received and FACTS has a partially executed contract.


FACTS will initiate the fund number request from Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) for all agreements negotiated by FACTS. The Principal Investigator, MediTract initiator and the department administrator will be copied on the email request so they will each be notified when the fund number is created by SPA.



The principal investigator and the study team or departmental administrator are responsible for maintaining a study ledger and invoicing the sponsor or CRO (contract research organization) for study related expenses* in accordance with the budget and payment or milestone schedule outlined in the Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA).

*Exceptions – ISSMS IRB Invoicing

For studies using the ISMMS IRB, the PPHS office will directly invoice the industry sponsor for IRB review fees.

Study teams with questions about invoices, or who inadvertently receive payments for IRB review fees, should contact the PPHS office at (212) 824-8200 and ask to speak with the financial analyst.

Study Payments - Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA)


If possible, payments should be processed through wire transfers. Checks received for study payments must be directed to Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA). The institutional indirect cost rate for clinical trials will be charged monthly based on direct costs. For more information on the application of indirect cost rates, refer to Policies and Procedures for Charging Indirect Costs To Sponsored Projects Received from Extramural Sponsors, Gifts, Donations and Other Receipts.


Checks should be directed to Sponsored Projects Accounting via interoffice mail.

ATTN: Raj Appavu, Director Sponsor Projects Finance
Box 3500
Attached memo: GCO number, fund number and name of the Principal Investigator.

The principal investigator and department administrator will see the deposit in the account ledger the same month or the following month depending on the timing of the receipt of the check at SPF.  Fund accounts are managed in Sinai Central.

Study Payments - Research Subject Payment


The Research Subjects Payment memorandum outlines the ISMMS human subject payment policy. Refer to this memo for guidance on subject payment methods and procedures.


Petty Cash

Petty cash requests for research participants are made in Sinai Central. For guidance on creating a petty cash voucher, refer to these instructions.

Note - Petty cash vouchers cannot exceed $25 at a time. Payments over $25 must be made by check. Refer to the Petty Cash Policy along with the Research Subjects Payment memorandum for policies and procedures for submitting a petty cash voucher through Sinai Central.

Petty Cash - Main Cashier’s Office

Research participants may be allowed to pick up their payment from the Main Cashier’s Office (below) by presenting an approved petty cash voucher and valid identification.

Annenberg MC Level next to the escalator
1468 Madison Avenue

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00PM
Petty Cash Reimbursement Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30PM

Telephone: (212) 241-6745 / (212) 241-6329


Checks for subject payment may be requested through Sinai Central from Accounts Payable. For detailed guidance, refer to Check Requests Financial Policies & Procedures.


For circumstances when checks cannot be used to pay a subject for reasons such as privacy and confidentiality, the department administrator and the PI may request a waiver from SPA.

NIH/Non-Profit Funded Studies: A completed Subject Fee Payment Form is required to be submitted to SPA.

Industry Funded Studies: A completed Subject Fee Payment Form is required to be submitted to the Director of Finance, FACTS.

Clinical Research Billing Issues

Internal email for getting help with billing issues.

Clinical Billing Office

Invoicing for Start-up Fees

Once a fund number is generated, study teams should invoice the sponsor or CRO for start-up fees.

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