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Jane Coffins Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research: Fellowship

Projects meant for early career investigators. Projects must focus on the causes and treatment of cancer and cancer cell growth/development.


  • $2,000 allowance for research costs made to the laboratory. Cannot be used for travel.
  • $1,800 travel stipend to PI for science meetings
  • Child care funding available for female fellows
  • Separate travel award to transport PI/their family to the laboratory
  • Award lasts for 3 years. Covers salary stipend an funding for dependents:
    • Year 1: $52,000. Year 2: $54,000. Year 3: $56,000
    • Extra $1,000 per dependent child, per year, if applicable.

Eligibility: Applicants must:

  • Have less than 1 year of post doc research experience prior to deadline
  • Have PhD degree conferred less than 18 months prior to deadline
  • Applicants without a completed PhD are eligible to apply, but PhD must be completed by the start of the fellowship.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2020

For more information contact:
Development Office – Corporate and Foundation Relations

GCO Funding Opportunities

Monthly and continuous submission funding opportunity packets are available on the GCO Funding Opportunities web page.