New York City has been at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. At its peak, with over 6300 new cases and 590 deaths per day in New York City, Mount Sinai hospital underwent unprecedented changes to manage the enormous surge in COVID-19 patients. Many of our KL2 and TL1 scholars were redeployed or relocated to working from home. To determine the impact of these changes on the research training of our scholars, we administered a short survey to our trainees in May 2020. We had a 100% response rate from our 12 trainees (3 KL2; 3 TL1 post-docs; 6 TL1 PORTAL). The responses are presented in the slides here.

In light of these survey results, we have created a task force including key stakeholders, with an objective to:

  • Create user friendly access to resources in real time, during challenging times
  • Delineate needed support for current KL2 / TL1 scholars to overcome their current reported barriers
  • Establish a system that supports Scholars during periods of global health crises

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